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Technology Resources for Teachers

Technology Resources for Teachers
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Questions and Answers
Have a question about technology resources? Ask our expert. Want to know more? Read the questions and answers below or submit one of your own.
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Q: Hi Diane, I am wondering if there is any way to put a KidWorks Deluxe book on the web. We use Frontpage for our website but I cannot figure out how to put students work up. Any help would be most appreciated.

- Denise, 3rd grade teacher

A: Hi Denise,

I did a little research and there does not seem to be any easy way to put a KidWorks Deluxe book on the Web. To be honest the problem is that the software has not been updated in a long time so it is not Web- ready.

I talked to the Knowledge Adventure folks and this was their suggestion "There is not a way to view a Kid Works story on the web but stories can be saved as a player and played on any computer. So you could post the story online but it must be downloaded and canít be viewed on the site. To save a story as a player simply choose Save Player from the file menu. " That might work because the stories are saved as Stand-Alones so they don't need the KidWorks software to run. You probably can save those in Front page as a piece of media then let parents know that they need to download them. Maybe you could scan in a sample page of each story to serve as the marker for that story to add some color and interest to your site.

Of course the only other way would be to print and scan in the pages but that would truly be a labor of love, or doing screen captures and saving them as .jpgs - just depends on how many books and how long they are.

Hope this helps. Would love to hear what ends up working. Let me know how else we can help.


Q: Have you heard of a British software called "Content Generator"? It allows you to create fun games/quizes and adapt them to your subject. My school can not get it for me because you can not purchase it with a PO in American money only British pounds or Euros. Is there any software out (American) that does the same thing as Content Generator? Thanks so much.

- Donna, 6th grade teacher

A: Hello Donna,

You might want to check with Discovery Education (http://school.discoveryeducation.com/quizcenter/quizcenter.html) for some of tools they have for creating quizzes. They also have a puzzle maker, a database of science fair questions, and lots more. You'll find are quiz and game makers, but you have to put in your own questions.

Some of the student response systems have software where you can input your own questions or purchase content. Check Turning Technologies (www.turningtechnologies.com) for their Question Point. Smart Technologies also has a response system available.

Educational Insights offers Classroom Jeopardy, which can be purchased with content (cartridges). It also has Quiz Bowl, a response system where you put in your own content into your computer, You might want to check these sites as well, but we can't guarantee the content on them:

For a really unique game creator, check out Stagecast.com.

We hope you'll find something you can use.

The responses and opinions contained herein are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Power to Learn or Cablevision.




















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