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A Different Take on Standard Deviants
by Diane Kendall, 01/26/12

Hard to get your students attention during the winter doldrums? Want to add a little humor to your teaching? Just need a little spark for you and your students every once in a while?

As the old adage goes, laughter is the best medicine, and that often goes double when trying to teach or learn something. If any of this strikes a chord with you, you need to get acquitted with Cerebellum Corporation and its Standard Deviants collection of educational DVDs and other media products for K-12 and college. Winner of a myriad of awards for educational video, Cerebellum has been referred to as a cross between Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live and on the academic side, it has even gotten a thumbs up from American Association for the Advancement of Science by being on their "Best Films and Videos' list.

Some of Cerebellum's most popular videos include those about the United States Constitution, inventions, chemistry, physics, grammar, bullying, mathematics, sexting, statistics and anatomy. Whether you are looking for test prep, ESL, STEM resources, information about online safety, going green, or subjects within the traditional curriculum, the folks at Cerebellum probably have what you want. Grade levels for DVDs are divided into PreK-2, and Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and College/Adult. And they just released their Daily Planet: Sports & Recreation Series for grades 9-12. The Daily Planet DVD programs explore the scientific aspects of current topics and events though the use of interviews, field pieces and real-life experiments to support science and STEM curricula

So what makes Cerebellum so different? The company designs its products with students in mind and employs young actors and comedians to help present the material. Through use of graphics, irresistible jingles, and humorous scripts, Cerebellum is able to bring content to life in order to help students learn and remember.  As one student said, "I found myself singing the jingles during the exam." According to one teacher, the videos are "Life-changing, joy-producing lessons with side-splitting humor." This is making "it" relevant at its best.

If you'd like to take a glimpse of the videos, you can click on trailers on English grammar; guidance related to bullying, drug education, alcohol, aggression; and Spanish vocabulary. These will give you an idea about the fast-paced and unique content on the videos.

These DVDs don't just hit the basics. Pick a category like Internet Safety Guidance and you will find: "Bullying and Teens," "Bullying, the Internet, and You," "Lesson Booster Internet Bullies," Bullycide & Verbal Abuse," Cyberstalking & Bullying", "Staying Safe: Strangers and Cyberspace," "& Ways to Block a Cyberbully," Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble," and more.  DVDs for Advanced Placement students feature Chemistry, U.S. Government & Politics, Biology, English Composition, and Teaching System Test Prep Series.

Look for Super Deals (get a Kindle with some orders) and Fun Facts on the site.  Check the site for pricing; costs differ according to title and series.

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