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Technology Resources for Teachers

Technology Resources for Teachers
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Detective Work with Primary Sources
Merle Marsh, 05/15/13
With H.S.I., teachers turn students into detectives who solve historical questions. The program provides handy links to primary sources and clues for solving cases.

So Many Letters of Recommendation
Merle Marsh, 04/19/13
The Letters of Recommendation site offers sample letters of that you can copy and revise as needed. Besides the samples, you’ll find reference writing tips and articles—enough information to make you a reference-writing guru.

PDF to Word in One Click
Dr. Merle Marsh, 03/19/13
Several tools online let you convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents. Some are free, some for pay, and some have additional conversion options; but all give you the ability to change your PDF into Word.

Super Cool Haiku Deck
Merle Marsh, 02/19/13
The free iPad app Haiku Deck is a perfect way for teachers and students to create outstanding presentations. No design skills are necessary to publish presentations that rock.

Need eTexts and Lessons for Digital Devices?
Dr. Merle Marsh, 01/19/13
In this article we look at apps and sites designed to help you create or find lessons and eTexts that your students can use with their mobile devices.

Wonderful Wanderful
Dr. Merle Marsh, 10/19/12
Turn your students on to reading with Wanderful’s interactive storybooks. These classic books are packed with delightful characters and illustrations that will motivate your students to read over and over.

Your iPad Assistant
Merle Marsh, 09/21/12
Nearpod software can become your classroom assistant when you are using iPads with your students. With it you can create and share content, get your students working as a team, and assess progress. The basic version is free.

A Reading Coach for Your Students
Merle Marsh, 05/03/12
MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) is a software program designed to offer individualized instruction to all students K-12. MVRC features on-screen reading coaches for each student and learning both in reading skills and correct pronunciation of words learned.

Lesson Planet Serves Up Ideas
Diane S. Kendall, 03/27/12
Want to spice up your lesson plans or find something to leave for the sub? Lesson Planet can help.

Teacher's Assistant and Student Writing Tutor
Merle Marsh, 03/13/12
The Prentice-Hall Writing Coach helps student improve their composition and grammar skills. A comprehensive program for Grades 6-12, Writing Coach provides the individual practice and encouragement students need in writing.

A Different Take on Standard Deviants
Diane Kendall, 01/26/12
Cerebellum Corporation provides education DVD and other media products designed to engage students elementary school through college. The company mixes solid academic content with graphics and humor to create unique educational products.

Romance, Weight Loss, Intrigue—In Science, Technology & Mathematics Textbooks?
Dr. Merle Marsh, 12/07/11
Manga Guides™ target science, technology and mathematics learning through use of comic-type books written by Japanese university professors and cartoonists. Totally unique in their approach and look, they make use of real life problems to teach science, technology and math.

Don’t Copy That 2
Diane S. Kendall, 11/18/11
The Software & Information Industry Association has reincarnated their video about copyright laws and the consequences for breaking them. Its’ purpose is to help generate a discussion of digital theft and the importance of respecting the creative output of others with your students.

Super Duper Preposition Fun
Merle Marsh, 11/08/11
The Party Pups Board Game, for Preschool through Grade 5, enlivens the teaching of prepositions as students have fun helping their favorite dogs earn treats. Students practice and use twenty-four different prepositions while playing a game that involves seventy-two activity cards.

Reliable Sources
Diane S. Kendall, 02/15/11
Two database packages, the ABC-CLIO Databases for Middle & High School Students and the Proquest SIRS Issues Researcher, that vet resources for students may be just the ticket to improving student research and writing skills.

Maps101 with National Geographic Videos
Merle Marsh, 01/24/11
Maps101 enhances its already abundant resources for teachers and students with the addition of over 200 new video titles from National Geographic.

Mavis on the Mac
Merle Marsh, 01/03/11
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, 2011 Ultimate Mac Edition offers typing practice for ages 6-adult through exercises that include novels, song lyrics, and real-time news.

Dr. Merle Marsh, 11/04/10
Teachers who sign up for SchoolTube, can introduce their students to a safe site for finding videos and posting their own videos. All videos on the site have been approved by teachers or the SchoolTube staff. The site also includes video resources, which emphasize how to create quality video.

Epson’s WOW Product— BrightLink Solo
Dr. Merle Marsh, 09/20/10
Check out the Epson IU-01, which can turn non-interactive whiteboards and even classroom walls into interactive tools. Just combine it with a projector and you’ll have an interactive whiteboard for about $600.

Pearson's Middle School Interactive Science Curriculum
Dr. Merle Marsh, 06/15/10
Pearson's Interactive Science, MyScienceOnline.com, is an inviting and organized way to teach science through 21st Century online materials. With write-in texts, virtual labs, videos, and games, the program is designed to encourage student interest in science.

Classy and Sassy Shmooping
Merle Marsh, 05/06/10
Student-friendly and totally-cool Shmoop study guides and research content are waiting for your high school students. The free guides focus mostly upon literature and social studies but also include music. Your students will appreciate accessing them on computer, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Sony Reader.

Scholastic's Expert Space - Digital Curriculum, 21st Century Tools, Enrichment & More
Dr. Merle Marsh, 04/19/10
Scholastic's Expert Space, a digital curriculum and toolkit for students in Grades 4-12, provides content, tools, and in-depth learning materials for 21st Century learning. Using xspaces, students access content, build knowledge, and learn to put the content together into outlines and completed assignments.

Penguin Cold Cash
Merle Marsh, 2/26/10
Treat your students to a variety of fun “penguin” games that teach students ages 5-11 about money—cold cash. In Penguin Cold Cash students tackle learning about cash as they compete in hockey, belly boarding, fishing, tubing and more.

Teacher Tools
Merle Marsh, 02/01/10
If you are looking for an easy way to create forms and letters, and ideas for bulletin boards, lesson plans, educational games, you’ll appreciate the resources at Teacher Tools. Many downloads are available for you to use and edit as you wish.

It's Learning from Europe
Merle Marsh, 12/17/09
It's Learning is a learning platform with tools that focus upon individual learners. The program extends beyond your school or school system as it puts you in touch with what other teachers using the program have created.

Digital Diggiditto
Dr. Merle Marsh, 11/16/09
Califone’s Diggiditto provides image recognition, along with integration of sound and the linking of multimedia files. It’s a great way to create tutorials

Smart Posters & Social Networking
Dr. Merle Marsh, 09/14/09
Create your own classroom network with Glogster. It's private and with it your students can interact with "posters" packed with text, images, video and audio.

Serif for Classroom Creativity
Dr. Merle Marsh, 06/17/09
Serif's Digital Photo Suite 2009, DrawPlus 3X, and Digital Scrapbook Artist combine to give you the tools you'll need to create just about any type of designs, collages, animations—you name it. Powerful tools at amazingly low prices.

Tweet & Twitter in the Classroom
Dr. Merle Marsh, 05/14/09
Twitter and Edmodo are social networking systems that you can use to enhance group work, class interaction, faculty connections, and much more. You set up private groups of students, teachers, or parents, and these groups can take off tweeting.

Imagination Plus: Microsoft's DreamSpark
Dr. Merle Marsh, 04/30/09
With the free, real world programming tools available through Microsoft's DreamSpark, students can actually give those digital projects they are always talking designing about a try.

The New Face of PDFs
Dr. Merle Marsh, 04/09/09
The entire new line of Adobe Acrobat 9 products promises to change the way you think of sending and receiving files. The top-of-the-line Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended lets you create PDF portfolios with 3D content, interactive maps, video that plays within Microsoft documents, and much more. These portfolios can be opened and used by anyone with the free Adobe Reader.

Ways of Giving: Ways of Inspiring
Diane Kendall, 03/04/09
Children's Hospital Boston has created a unique site, Generation Cures: Make It Better, which helps students appreciate the courage of children with serious illnesses and to find ways to help them. The site teaches learning about giving and features activities students will enjoy in addition to information for adults.

Creating Great Teachers
Diane S. Kendall, 1/05/09
Every school district is interested in helping their teachers become the best they can be. Good teachers are the key to student learning, and that's what Teachscape XL is all about. It's an online program that offers teachers a special place to explore great teaching methods and to collaborate with others in their learning.

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